Trina Foxx


We are looking for talented actors and actress for Trina Foxx – Raised in America Movie. Trina Foxx is a new action packed super heroine movie by Dream Angel. All actors and actress must provide their own way to the set.


  • Darius Trina's Son -Age 2-7
  • Keisha Trina's Daughter -Age 4-12
  • Latoya Trina's Sister -Age 16-33
  • Darius .Sr Trina's Ex-Husband
  • Waiter- Male or female Age 16-77
  • John (Evil)- Age 18-33
  • Jessica- Age 22-40 (Trina’s boss)
  • Agent 1- Female or male Age 18-70

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All actors/actress must be 18 years or older, All actors and actress under 18 must get their parent or legal guardian permission before submitting.

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